Building a Coordinated Reintegration Framework for Overseas Filipinos

The Philippines is known as a best practice model in the area of migration management, particularly the management of deployment of Filipino workers and for institutionalizing landmark legislation for the protection of Filipinos abroad. While pre-departure services for all types of Filipino migrants have been developed and improved throughout the years there is a gap in the programs and services that are afforded to these Filipino migrants upon their return to the homeland. The proposed framework strengthens the current reintegration program for ALL types of Filipino migrants, providing for a more comprehensive package of services and opportunities to returnees regardless of their status abroad – dual citizens, 2nd and 3rd generation Filipinos, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and their families as well as irregular migrants and the like.

In coordination with various migrant-serving agencies, CSOs and international organizations, the proposed CFO return and reintegration framework is geared towards developing and promoting responsive, productive, and sustainable reintegration programs and services to Filipino returnees and their families. It makes available a referral and follow-up system among appropriate government agencies and NGOs providing direct and immediate assistance to Overseas Filipino returnees. It is likewise intended to develop a knowledge management system among returnees to maximize gains from their overseas experience by providing options for knowledge sharing while developing competitiveness in various industries in the Philippines.