1. Social protection and welfare services
  1. Financial assistance to distressed returning OFs
  2. Counseling and psycho-social services for OFs and prospective OFs, and families or children left behind
  3. Education and scholarship program d. Health services e. Free long distance call to love ones abroad

2. Economic development services

  1. Financial literacy, entrepreneurship and investment opportunities trainings
  2. Development of specific investment products and services for OFs
  3. Partnership with OF organizations in financing local development projects
  4. Job fairs
  5. Accreditation of remittance centers

3. Advocacy and educational services

  1. Forum/ Community education/ information caravan on migration/ Anti-human trafficking and illegal recruitment campaign to local community
  2. Weekly TV/ radio program and use of other forms of social media for wider information dissemination on migration
  3. Film showing on migration

4. Institution-building

  1. Establishment of Migration Resource Center or One stop-shop OF Center
  2. b. Establishment of OFW Desk or Kiosk
  3. Generation of quality migration data (disaggregated at barangay level) thru local surveys
  4. Organization of OF Family Circles or Associations
  5. Annual celebration of International Migrants Day
  6. Balikbayan Nights
  7. Awarding of outstanding OFs or migrant organizations
  8. Partnerships/networking with national government agencies, civil society groups, business sector, academe, international organizations, and OF groups